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11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning: What are Analogies?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What are Analogies?

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‘Analogy’ questions are a common type of Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) question.

In Analogy questions, we are given two figures that are related in some way.

We must then find the same relationship between a new shape and a choice of five options.

Example Question

NVR Analogies

The second shape, because the relationship between the two figures we are given is an increase in height.

How to find the answer to Analogies questions

When doing an Analogy question, it is helpful to think in terms of:

If ‘A’ (the first shape) is to ‘B’ (the second shape), then what is ‘C’ to the options given?

This is therefore similar to Verbal Reasoning style questions!

To help with an Analogy question, we can ask ourselves the following questions about figures A and B to find a relationship between them.

We need to look for similarities between A and B.

  1. How many shapes does each figure have?
  2. How big or small is each figure?
  3. Are the figures shaded or not?
  4. What kind of outline does each figure have?
  5. In which direction is each figure pointing?
  6. Where are the shapes of each figure positioned?
  7. Do shapes overlap or not in each figure?
  8. Do the figures have any lines of symmetry?

NVR Analogy questions in the 11+ exams

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