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Free 11+ (11 Plus) Maths Papers & Answers (PDF)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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This is an up-to-date list of only the best free PDF 11+ Maths practice papers, suitable as preparation for the 2024 and 2025 11+ entrance exams.

No sign up or login is required! Everything here is completely free and in PDF format.

Answers are provided for papers where possible.

Quality papers

We keep this page regularly updated and aim to only provide the highest quality free 11 Plus tests available.

For expert practice papers with detailed answers and explanations, take a look at our 11+ Maths practice papers. Check out our reviews here!

Independent Schools

Aldenham School

Alleyn's School

Bancroft's School

Blackheath High School

Brentwood School

Chigwell School

Christ's Hospital School

City of London School

City of London School for Girls

Colfe's School

Dulwich College

Eltham College

Emanuel School

Forest School

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School Elstree

Hampton Court House

Highgate School

James Allen's Girls' School

Kent College

King's College Junior School - Wimbledon

The King's School Chester

Latymer Upper School

Magdalen College School

Manchester Grammar School

Merchant Taylors' School

North London Collegiate School

Oundle School

The Perse Upper School

The Queen's School Chester

Reigate Grammar School

Royal Russell School


Solihull School

St Albans School - Hertfordshire

St Francis' College

St George’s College Weybridge

St John's School Leatherhead

St Paul's Girls' School

Streatham and Clapham High School

Sydenham High School

Trinity School Croydon

Whitgift School

What is in the 11+ maths exam?

The questions in an 11+ maths paper depend on the school, area or exam board that has written the test.

As a general guide, the 11+ maths exam usually covers the topics in the KS2 maths syllabus, including topics taught at the beginning of Year 6.

Some schools also include questions on KS2 maths topics that come up later in the Year 6 academic year. This means that students must learn these topics outside of school classes to prepare for the 11+ exams.

Key topics in the KS2 maths National Curriculum syllabus

  • Arithmetic – operations, number properties, decimals, BIDMAS
  • Algebra, simple linear equations
  • Fractions and Percentages
  • Measurements – unit conversions, area and volume
  • Graphs – Venn diagrams, line graphs, pie charts, pictograms
  • Statistics – mean, median, mode, range
  • Geometry – 2D shapes, angles, coordinates
  • Word questions

Examberry Papers

Take a look at the expert 11+ Maths practice papers in our shop for the best possible practice for the 2024 and 2025 11+ exams!

We have carefully written each paper to be up-to-date for the current exam requirements.

Answers and explanations are included for all of our papers.

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