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Four NEW 11+ CSSE 2022 Practice Tests & Read Our Complete Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

New 11+ CSSE 2022 practice tests

We have recently released four new 11+ CSSE practice tests in PDF download and physical format to prepare for the 2022 CSSE exams!

If your child is aiming for a place at a school in the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex, these practice tests are an invaluable resource.

Our expert writers have used their knowledge of past CSSE exam papers and our predictions for this year’s tests to provide your child with the best preparation possible for the CSSE exam on Saturday, 17th September 2022.

The four tests can be bought as a bundle to get more than 15% off individually priced tests! The products and sample pages for each test can be viewed by clicking below:

View CSSE download bundle
View CSSE physical bundle

Individual tests:
CSSE Practice Test 1: Download/Physical
CSSE Practice Test 2: Download/Physical
CSSE Practice Test 3: Download/Physical
CSSE Practice Test 4: Download/Physical

How will these packs benefit my child?

The entrance exam into Essex grammar schools is highly competitive. Your child will not only need to pass the CSSE exam but score highly in it if they want to get into the school of their choice.

In addition, the CSSE exam has a unique style and structure, which is different from other secondary school entrance exams.

To have the best chance of success, your child needs to familiarise themselves with the style of the CSSE exam. These practice tests will help them do just that!

Each pack contains two papers – one Maths and one English – just as your child will receive in the real exam. Each practice test:

  • replicates the format of the real CSSE exam.
  • familiarises your child with the types of questions they will face in the real CSSE exam.
  • contains answers to every question and also detailed, step-by-step explanations for all Maths questions so your child can learn from their mistakes.
  • boosts your child’s confidence before the actual exam.

The complete guide to the 11+ CSSE exam

To read our complete guide to the CSSE test, including our top tips for CSSE exam success, take a look at our new blog post: click here to read.

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