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Wilson’s School 11 Plus (11+) Exam: 2024 Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About Wilson’s School

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Image property of Wilson's School, www.wilsons.school

Located in the London Borough of Sutton, Wilson’s School is a selective grammar school for boys with academy status. The school values diversity and inclusivity; its student body represents over 40 different languages and a range of cultural and religious backgrounds. Reflected in their Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ in all areas, Wilson’s has a culture of respect and kindness, with pupils who are considerate and staff who deliver an exceptional standard of education. [1]

Wilson’s curriculum is stimulating and demanding. From Year 7, pupils are taught challenging subjects by specialist teachers. They ensure their curriculum is broad so that student’s experience a wide range of disciplines. [2]

Wilson’s also offer a diverse co-curricular programme to further their broad educational curriculum and develop their fully-rounded personalities. Various sport, music, drama, chess and debating activities are on offer, as well as many more specialist clubs and societies. [3]

Key information for 2025 entry to Wilson’s School at 11 Plus (11+)

  • School type: Boys Grammar School with academy status
  • Open events: June 2024
  • Registration opens – closes: May – August 2024
  • Exam: September 2024 (SET), September 2024 (Stage 2)
  • Results: September 2024 (SET), mid-October 2024 (Stage 2)

Admissions information for 2025 entry to Wilson’s School at 11 Plus (11+)

It is strongly recommended that prospective students and their parents attend one of Wilson School’s Open Evenings if you are applying for a place in Year 7. Open Evenings will be held in June 2024 and more information can be found here. This will give you and your child the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the facilities, meet the staff, and ensure Wilson’s School is the right choice for you and your child. 

For admission into Year 7 at Wilson’s School in 2025, children must first pass the Selective Eligibility Test (SET) in September 2024. Wilson’s is part of Sutton’s Coordinated Admissions Scheme, so other selective schools in the same area also run the SET. 

The SET mark will determine whether a boy is eligible for the Wilson’s School second examination stage, which will take place in September 2024 and has both an English and maths paper. The results of this examination will be sent out by email in October 2024. 

Boys’ grammar schools in Sutton have chosen to share a second-stage test. However, as the admissions criteria varies between schools, children may be considered for the second-stage test at some schools but not others. 

All children who are invited to take the second examination stage are also offered the opportunity to take the School Sporting Aptitude Test and/or the Music Aptitude Test, which take place in the autumn term. 

You can find more detailed information about these entrance exams and aptitude tests here.

How can I register my child for the 11 Plus (11+) exams at Wilson’s School?

Online registration for the SET through the school’s website will be made available from the start of May until the start of August 2024.

To apply for a spot at Wilson’s, you will need to list the school on your child’s Common Application Form (CAF). The CAF is provided by your local council when your child is in Year 6. The closing date for submission of the CAF will be at the end of October 2024. If you do not name Wilson’s School on your CAF, your child will not be considered for a place at the school, even if they pass the entrance exams.

The order in which you list schools on your CAF can make a big difference in which school you are offered a spot at. If you are eligible to be considered for two schools and both have openings, you will be offered a place at the one you listed as your top choice.

What is the 11 Plus (11+) entrance exam format for Wilson’s School?

The entrance exams for Wilson’s School consist of two stages: the Selective Eligibility Test (SET) and a second stage exam. The SET is similar to the 11+ and consists of two multiple-choice papers:

  • English – 40-50 minutes, followed by a break
  • Mathematics – 40-50 minutes

The content in the SET is based on the standard Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for Years 5 and 6. The test does not have any verbal or non-verbal reasoning sections. 

The second stage entrance exam for Wilson’s School will also consist of two papers based on the Key Stage 2 national curriculum: 

  • English 
  • Mathematics

Unlike the SET, these papers are not multiple-choice. The English paper will be an extended writing task based on a prompt, whilst the Mathematics paper will be a standard format test.

How to prepare your child for the 11 Plus (11+) Wilson’s School exam

The most useful way to prepare for Wilson’s School’s 11+ entrance exam is to use practice tests to familiarise your child with the exam content and format.

These tests can help your child to build their confidence and improve their performance in the exam.

For Wilson’s School 11+ preparation, we recommend the following packs: 

Sutton Stage One (SET) 11+ Practice Tests

Key Recommendations

Further Recommendations

Sutton Stage Two 11+ Practice Tests

Key Recommendations

Further Recommendations

Mock Exams

Find out more about Examberry’s in-person Sutton mock exams: please click here.


Find out more about Examberry’s in-person and online tuition courses for Sutton 11+ preparation: please click here.

Creative Writing Course

Find out more about Examberry’s in-person creative writing tuition courses for 11+ preparation: please click here.

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