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Watford Grammar School for Boys 11 Plus (11+) Exam: 2024 Entry Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About Watford Grammar School for Boys

wgsb 2
Image property of Historic England, www.historicengland.org.uk

Watford Grammar School for Boys (WGSB) is a partially-selective grammar school with academy status. The Watford Grammar Schools grew from a Free School, founded by Dam Elizabeth Fuller in 1704, and the schools then separated into boys and girls in 1881. [1]

Located in Hertfordshire, WGSB has an impressive reputation as one of the leading comprehensive schools in the UK. Pupils enjoy a stimulating academic curriculum, which reflects the aims of the school in seeking to promote not just intellectual, but personal, moral, and social development of students. Aside from the traditional subjects, students are introduced to a wide range of disciplines from Year 7 to Year 12, including Classics, computer science, and modern foreign languages.  [2] 

WGSB prides itself not only on being academically successful but also on having a diverse and interesting range of clubs, giving students the opportunity to discover new passions and pursue their interests. Clubs and societies on offer at WGSB include astronomy, baking, debating, drama, various choirs as well as an array of sports options. [3]

Key information for 2024 entry to Watford Grammar School for Boys at 11 Plus (11+)

  • School type: Boys grammar school with academy status
  • Open event: 7 October 2023
  • Registration opens – closes: 11 April -16 June 2023 

Admissions information for 2024 entry to Watford Grammar School for Boys at 11 Plus (11+)

This information is relevant for those applying to Watford Grammar School for Boys based on academic assessment. The school also reserves a number of places (10% of admissions) on the basis of music aptitude. Entry based on musical assessment will not be discussed in this article, however, you can find more information about it here.

It is strongly recommended that prospective students and their parents attend one of Watford Grammar School for Boys’ Open Days if you are applying for a place in Year 7. The next Open Day will be held on 7 October 2023 and more information about it can be found here. This will give you and your child the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the facilities, meet the staff and ensure WGSB is the right choice for you and your child. 

To register for the WGSB entrance exam for Year 7 entry into their 2024 class, you must register with the South West Herts Consortium; registration will be made available from 11 April 2023. 

You must also submit a School Information Form (SIF) to the school and a Common Application Form (CAF) to your local authority by 31 October 2023. If you live in Hertfordshire, your local authority is Hertfordshire County Council

WGSB offers 146 community places in Year 7 and 78 specialist places. As a result of the school being heavily oversubscribed, they have strict admissions criteria in place.

The oversubscription criteria for community places gives priority to:

  • Looked After, or previously Looked After, children 
  • Children whose regular home address is nearest to the school and would not be allocated a place under any other criteria
  • Children with a parent who is a permanent full-time or part-time member of the school staff (who has been employed at the school for two or more years)
  • Children with a sibling enrolled at either WGSB or Watford Grammar School for Girls (excluding students who entered these schools in Sixth Form)
  • Places will then be allocated to children in increasing distance order using straight line distance between the child’s normal home address and the school

The oversubscription criteria for specialist places gives priority to:

  • Children selected on the basis of aptitude for music as measured by the school’s assessment procedures, in merit order (max. 22 places)
  • Children selected by academic ability as measured by the school’s assessment procedures, in merit order (max. 56 places) 

For more information about the admissions process at Watford Grammar School for Boys, please visit the Year 7 admissions page on the school’s website.

How can I register my child for the 11 Plus (11+) exam at Watford Grammar School for Boys?

To register your child for the WGSB entrance exam, you must first register with the South West Herts Consortium between 11 April – 16 June 2023. You will then be notified of your child’s test venue on 7 July 2023. 

The test will take place on 9 September 2023 and you will be notified of the outcome of the test around October.

What is the 11 Plus (11+) entrance exam format for Watford Grammar School for Boys?

The multiple-choice exam papers are set by GL Assessment, each last 50 minutes, and test the following areas:

  • Maths 
  • Verbal reasoning 

Watford Grammar School for Boys follows SW Herts Consortium’s admissions test scheme. All the schools in the consortium use the same academic test to assess children who are applying for academic places. This means that if your child is applying for an academic place at a number of these schools, they will only need to take the test one.

These tests have specifically been devised for Consortium schools and there is no minimum score requirement for entry. 

How to prepare your child for the 11 Plus (11+) Watford Grammar School for Boys exam

The most useful way to prepare for Watford Grammar School for Boys’s 11+ entrance exam is to use practice tests to familiarise your child with the exam content and format.

These tests can help your child to build their confidence and improve their performance in the exam.

For Watford Grammar School for Boys 11+ preparation, we recommend the following packs: 

Watford Grammar School for Boys 11+ Practice Tests

Key Recommendations

Further Recommendations

Mock Exams

Find out more about Examberry’s in-person mock exams: please click here.


Find out more about Examberry’s in-person and online tuition courses for Watford Grammar School for Boys 11+ preparation: please click here.

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