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Grammar Schools in Kingston: Complete Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About Kingston Grammar Schools

Making the right choice between different grammar schools can be a tough decision for parents. Whilst all grammar schools offer great starts for children, it is often difficult to find comprehensive information concerning the different schools available and the best options for your children out there. 

This guide aims to provide clear and concise information regarding both of the grammar schools in Kingston: Tiffin School and The Tiffin Girls’ School. This includes general information, information concerning the tests followed by key details about each school including statistics, facilities, results, and Ofsted reviews.

In the coming sections of this article, the below listed key terms mean the following:

  • CAF: Common Application Form, the form you must submit to your local authority listing the schools of your choice in order of preference 
  • PAN: Published Admission Number, the number of places available for year 7 entry in 2024 at 11 plus (11+) level
  • EHCP: Education, Health and Care Plan, a legal document that describes a person’s special educational needs
  • Pupil Premium: a grant that improves educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils
  • PLAC: (previously) looked after children

Key information for 2024 entry into Kingston Grammar Schools at 11 plus (11+)

Important dates:

Registration dates: 

  • The Tiffin Girls’ School: 6 June- 19 July 2023 (online registration and medical paperwork deadline) & 4 September 2023 (SIF deadline)
  • Tiffin School: 5 June- 4 September 2023

Exam dates: 

  • The Tiffin Girls’ School: 5 or 6 October 2023 (Stage 1), 11 November 2023 (Stage 2)
  • Tiffin School: 5 October 2023 (Stage 1), 9 November 2023 (Stage 2)

Results: 17 October (Stage 1 results & invitations to Stage 2), 4 March 2024 (Stage 2 results emailed after National School Offer Day)

CAF deadline & local authority: 31 October 2023 – The Royal Borough of Kingston

National school offer day: 1 March 2024

Admissions information:

Scoring: Stage 1 tests are combined and standardised, with the highest-scoring children being invited back for Stage 2 testing- Stage 2 tests are also combined and standardised

Eligibility criteria: Year 6, within the cut-off distance

Priority criteria: (dependent on the school) 


Admission Contact details: 

Exam format for the Kingston Grammar Schools’ 11 plus (11+) entrance exam

For Stage One of both Tiffin School and The Tiffin Girls’ School’s admissions processes, students must take an 11 plus (11+) test devised by GL Assessments. 

This Stage One test is composed of two papers each lasting approximately 60 minutes. All questions are multiple-choice with no writing sections. These papers will test the following areas:

  • English – questions are based on the KS2 curriculum
  • Maths – questions are based on the KS2 curriculum 


These tests will also include some topics and objectives from Year 6 teaching that your child will not have been taught at school. The schools are not expecting children to know this material yet, however, they are examining how well a child can apply their knowledge and infer meaning. 

The Stage Two tests for these schools are created by the schools and consist of English and maths papers in written formats. 

No information or details are given about the content of these tests beforehand, however, previous years have included comprehension tasks, writing tasks using a prompt and standard format maths questions.

Only the highest-scoring children from the Stage One tests are invited back to take the Stage Two tests. 

The Tiffin Girls’ School

Tiffin Girls
Image property of The Tiffin Girls' School, www.tiffingirls.org

School type: Girls’ grammar

Number of pupils: 1,219

Ages: 11-18

PAN: 180

The Sunday Times Parent Power National Rank: 4

Headteacher: Ian Keary

Address: Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5PL

Open event: www.tiffingirls.org/admissions/open-evenings/ 

Catchment area: You can find information about the catchment area here under sections 5.3 and 5.4

Priority criteria: A detailed description of the school’s priority criteria can be found here in section 5.1

Facilities: fully-equipped sports hall, multi-purpose gym, gymnastics gym, dance studio, drama studio, and lecture theatre

2022 Results: GCSE: 94.9% of students achieved grades 9-7, A Level: 97.1% students achieved grades A*-B

Ofsted ranking: Outstanding

School’s Contact details: 020 8546 0773, [email protected], www.tiffingirls.org

Full exam information article: click here

Tiffin School

tiffin school
Image property of Tiffin School, www.tiffinschool.co.uk

School type: Boys’ grammar (co-educational sixth form)

Number of pupils: 1,417

Ages: 11-18

PAN: 180

The Sunday Times Parent Power National Rank: 21

Headteacher: Mike Gascoigne

Address: Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6RL

Open event: www.tiffinschool.co.uk/admissions/visit.html

Catchment area: You can find information about the catchment area here under paragraph 10

Priority criteria: A description of the school’s selection criteria can be found here in section 9

Facilities: sports centre, MUGA, school hall, judge lecture theatre, fully stocked library 

2022 Results: GCSE: 84.4% of students achieved grades 9-7, A Level: 91.5% students achieved grades A*-B

Ofsted ranking: Good

School’s Contact details: 020 8546 4638, [email protected], www.tiffinschool.co.uk/home.html 

Full exam information article: click here

How to prepare your child for the 11 Plus (11+) Kingston Grammar Schools exam

The most useful way to prepare for the Tiffin Schools’ 11+ entrance exam is to use practice tests to familiarise your child with the exam content and format.

These tests can help your child to build their confidence and improve their performance in the exam.

For 11+ preparation for either of the Tiffin Schools, we recommend the following packs: 

Tiffin Stage One 11+ Practice Tests

Key Recommendation

Further Recommendations

Tiffin Stage Two 11+ Practice Tests

Key Recommendations

Further Recommendations

Mock Exams

Find out more about Examberry’s in-person Tiffin mock exams: please click here.


Find out more about Examberry’s in-person and online tuition courses for Tiffin 11+ preparation: please click here.

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