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Grammar Schools in Bromley: Complete Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About Bromley Grammar Schools

Making the right choice between different grammar schools can be a tough decision for parents. Whilst all grammar schools offer great starts for children, it is often difficult to find comprehensive information concerning the different schools available and the best options for your children out there.

This guide aims to provide clear and concise information regarding the two grammar schools in Bromley: Newstead Wood School and St Olave’s Grammar School. 

This includes general information, information concerning the tests followed by key details about each school including statistics, facilities, results, and Ofsted reviews.

In the coming sections of this article, the below listed key terms mean the following:

  • CAF: Common Application Form, the form you must submit to your local authority listing the schools of your choice in order of preference 
  • PAN: Published Admission Number, the number of places available for year 7 entry in 2024 at 11 plus (11+) level
  • EHCP: Education, Health and Care Plan, a legal document that describes a person’s special educational needs
  • Pupil Premium: a grant that improves educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupil
  • PLAC: (previously) looked after children

Key information for 2024 entry into Bromley Grammar Schools at 11 plus (11+)

Important dates:

  • Registration deadline & portal: 30 June (Newstead Wood School), 3 July 2023 (St Olave’s School)
  • Exam dates: 22 – 23 (Newstead Wood School), 22 September (St Olave’s Stage 1), 17 November 2023 (St Olave’s Stage 2), GL Assessment & school’s own papers
  • Results:week following 16 October 2023 (Newstead Wood School)
  • CAF deadline & local authority: 31 October 2023, Bromley Council
  • National school offer day: 1 March 2024

Admissions information:

  • Scoring: eligibility score: 210 score, standardised & ranked with priority criteria taken into account (Newstead Wood School), no specific eligibility score, Stage Two scores are standardised and ranked then added to Stage One scores to calculate a total score which is ranked (St Olave’s School)
  • Eligibility criteria: Year 6
  • Priority criteria: PLAC, children who live within 9 miles of the school and receive Service Premium or Pupil Premium (Newstead Wood School)
  • Appeals: judged by an independent panel 
  • Admission Contact details: 020 8313 4044, www.bromley.gov.uk

Exam format for the Bromley Grammar School 11 plus (11+) entrance exam

The Bromley 11 plus

For Bromley-based grammar schools, students must take the Bromley 11 plus (11+).  Each Bromley school has its own separate testing and admissions process. It is also important to note that as these schools are academies/voluntary aided schools, their admissions process is not the same as schools under the London Borough of Bromley local authority.

Newstead Wood School 11 plus

The Newstead Wood School 11 plus is a GL Assessment multiple-choice entrance exam composing of two papers, each lasting approximately 50 minutes, testing:

  • Paper 1: Verbal reasoning
  • Paper 2: Non-verbal reasoning


St Olave’s School

The St Olave’s School 11 plus is also referred to as St Olave’s Selective Eligibility Test (SET) and it is laid out in the following way:

Stage 1: 1 hour multiple-choice exam which tests:

  • English comprehension
  • Maths
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Stage 2: two written papers:

  • English (1 hour) – testing reading (multiple-choice) and creative writing
  • Maths (1 hour)

Newstead Wood School

Newstead Wood School building
Image property of Kieran Basnet, www.google.com/maps

School type: girls’ grammar with mixed sixth form

Number of pupils: 1,250 (approx.)

Ages: 11-18 (girls), 16-18 (boys)

PAN: 168

The Sunday Times Parent Power National Rank: 25

Headteacher: Alan Blount

Address: Newstead Wood School, Avebury Road, Orpington, London, BR6 9SA

Open event: see school websites for updates.

Catchment area: 9-mile radius from the school, measured in a straight-line distance, the school is open to applications outside the catchment area but thus far, a place has never been given to a student outside the catchment area.

Priority criteria: girls who PLAC, receive pupil premium and service premium, rank score order: live within the catchment area, who have a staff member parent at the school, live outside the catchment area.

2022 Results: GCSE: 92.6% of students achieved grades 9-7, A Level: 84.9% of students achieved grades A*-B.

Ofsted ranking: Outstanding

School’s Contact details: 01832 864 444, [email protected]www.newsteadwood.co.uk  

St Olave's Grammar School

St Olaves
Image property of Tes, www.tes.com

School type: boys’ grammar with mixed sixth form

Number of pupils: 1,050 (approx.)

Ages: 11-18

PAN: 124

The Sunday Times Parent Power National Rank: 7

Headteacher: Andrew Rees

Address: St Olave’s Grammar School, Goddington Lane, Orpington, BR6 9SH

Open events: see school website for updates.

Catchment area: there is no defined catchment area, distance is not considered as a factor even during oversubscription circumstances. 

Priority criteria: Boys who have an EHCP which names the school, who have passed both stages of the exam and: are PLAC, receive Pupil Premium in rank score order (10 places max.), in rank score order. Candidates who specify St Olave’s as their most preferred school on their CAF will be prioritised. In a tiebreaker situation, rank order is determined as such: Results in Stage 2 maths paper, Stage 2 English paper, Stage 2 English reading paper, Stage 1 SET test, and then using a computerised random number generator.

2022 Results: GCSE: 91% of students achieved grades 9-7, A Level: 96.4% of students achieved grades A*-B.

Ofsted ranking: Outstanding

School’s Contact details: 01689 820101, [email protected], www.saintolaves.net

How to prepare your child for the 11 Plus (11+) Bromley Grammar School exam

The most useful way to prepare for the Bromley grammar schools’ 11+ entrance exam is to use practice tests to familiarise your child with the exam content and format.

These tests can help your child to build their confidence and improve their performance in the exam.

For Bromley grammar schools 11+ preparation, we recommend the following packs: 

Bromley 11+ Practice Tests

Mock Exams

Find out more about Examberry’s in-person mock exams: please click here.


Find out more about Examberry’s in-person and online tuition courses for 11+ preparation: please click here.

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