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NEW! 10+ & 11+ Spelling and Vocabulary Workbooks

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Who will benefit from these workbooks?

Quite simply, all children taking selective 10+ or 11+ entrance exams for grammar schools (both GL and CEM style) and independent schools.
Having excellent spelling and vocabulary skills forms a fundamental basis for success in the 10+ and 11+ exams. In particular, performing well in English comprehension, creative writing, and Verbal Reasoning is highly influenced by having a broad vocabulary base and strong spelling skills.
At Examberry, we always encourage children to read, read, and read a bit more; children will develop a good vocabulary skillset through reading a range of fiction books. But, in combination with our Spelling & Vocabulary books, extensive knowledge of tricky words can come about with greater efficiency and accuracy.

What will I receive if I order a workbook?

Each book download contains 200 words and 600 effective exercises, which actively help your child to retain spelling patterns, word meanings and improve accuracy. The books gradually increase in difficulty, starting from Foundation Book 1 and ending in Advanced Book 4, though of course, perceived word difficulty will be different for each child.
Sample pages from each book are available to view on the product pages.

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