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11+ CEM Practice Papers - Pack 2

  • Four 11+ CEM practice papers (Tests 5-8).
  • Classroom assessed – used as part of our successful tuition classes.
  • Standard format and multiple choice – both answer formats can be practised.
  • Answers and explanations given for each question.
  • Replicates the real 11+ CEM exam.
  • Develops your child’s confidence.
  • Tips and advice for parents.
  • Outstanding papers produced by experts with years of experience.
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What will I receive?
• Four printed practice CEM exam papers, in addition to a multiple choice booklet and a Notes and Answers booklet.
• These will be stored inside a Velcro sealed pack cover, allowing you to easily keep the pamphlets together!

What is the difference in answering formats?
• For standard format, answers can be written in the spaces provided within each paper or circled, as appropriate.
• Alternatively, the separate multiple choice booklet can be used to select an answer from several options.

How can my child learn from this pack?
• Our Notes and Answers booklet gives answers and explanations to every question, helping your child to advance in challenging areas.
• By progressing through the papers under timed conditions and learning from the explanations, your child will gain the essential practice and improvement they require to succeed.

What is included for parents?
• We also include support pages for parents, offering guidance with regard to how these tests could be used, how they should be administered, and tips for helping your child achieve in the 11+ exams.

View our full range of 11 Plus CEM practice papers by clicking here.

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Our Papers

We have written expert practice packs for the full 11+ current syllabus: Maths, English, Verbal-Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

These subject specific packs are suitable as preparation for GL Assessment and CEM exam boards, whether you are targeting the 11+ grammar or independent school entrance exams.

We also produce a range of CEM practice packs to specifically target preparation for schools which use the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) style of assessment. Click to view CEM packs


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Classroom Tested

Extensively classroom tested as part of our tuition courses. 85% to 90% of our tuition pupils receive places at schools of their choice.


The Examberry team ensure that our papers and tuition are kept up to date in relation to changes in the curriculum or entrance process.

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